Insaan jitna akele rehta hai..
Utna kush rehta hai..
Na kisi ke aane ki aas or na kisi ki Jane ka gam rehta hai.
Kuch Kehte hai akelepan udasi lata hai..
Par kuch k liye sirf yahi sakun hota hai..
Akele to sab hai fark itna hai kuch duniya ki bheed mai bhi akele
Or kuch duniya ki nazar akele hai…

Thanks For everything..


Thanks for loving me..

you showed me how beautiful this feeling is.

Thanks for making me woman from girl…

you changed me from gentle girl who had lot of fears..

Thanks for leaving me alone on those days and cold nights..

you helped me to get over the fear of darkness..

Thanks for abusive relationship..

you gave me strength to bear the pain…

Thanks  for disrespecting my family…

you garnish my love more then ever…

Thanks for hurting me emotionally..

you make me handle everything alone now…

Thanks for what i am today..

you make me queen of my world from dad’s lil princess…

Thanks for everything..

You made me realized nothing is permanent not even love..

Life is surely not easy ….

but I know it keeps moving…


Rising above Odds..

Dedicated to Deepika sharma

While sitting idle and bored I was checking out some FB posts..Saw a pic that grab most of my attention National level certificate in weightlifting… A girl whom i used to know  as going through a bad phase of life…Divorce (the word which almost end of life for Indian married woman)She is handling so many things at once taking care of chaos going in her heart ,dreams which just shattered and also facing all the suggestion ,comments and changed attitude of family and friends .

I gentle girl who used to be  so concerned about all fashionable things .She always ensure that she look good from head to toe .. A delicate girl whose world just revolves around her love and fashion…Suddenly changed to strong woman  may the comments of society made her rebel or May be the love of her life her husband who left her..Some call her rebel,adamant or poor girl(whose life is nowhere) .. She rises above all odds of destiny and society.. As she lives life on her own terms she started everything from scratch and won this national award…she also found the real love of her life …

My motive to share this story is to inspire very girl who dreams big will achieve it no matter even this society who considered a separated woman as characterless (excuse my language), curse or may be some may not even imagine.. Is applauding for her achievements… Now everyone around her start appreciating  her…

Bitter truth But we have to fight for our decisions and continue the journey of success..  Nobody can stop you to rise above all odds..

Just A thought….Love or pain?


Time has its own pace and it flies no matter its good time or bad.There are few acquaintances which makes difference in our  life or you can say change the outlook towards  everything.have you ever believe in love at first sight…seems to be so kiddish and some teenage romantic novel…I used to feel  the same since i had not felt the same..

The moment you feel it .Everything just changes you start feeling good about almost everything…Your blushing face tells everything about how you feel…thought of being practical and independent woman just flips around..as we say what goes around comes around it must be something good we have ever done that we are able to experience such nice feeling which is so content that makes everything around us so good. 🙂

But you know we cannot experience a fairy tale only we have to bear the pain … pain of separation…Its not that love doesn’t exist any longer between us..its just that destiny decided to experience the pain so that i can always cherish those great moments with every heartbeat…

No matter what destiny has decide you were you are and you will me by first love … first ever person who gave me reason to live life and fight with every situation..You have loved me ..hurt me..taught me..I am always thankful to you..



I was wondering from few days why female need to show her married status by changing her clothing and also putting bindi,sindoor etc…

Is it not enough that girl already comprised her identity by changing her last name ,lifestyle even she  left her home and moved to new house to make it home.I was travelling couple of days ago and saw all these taboos are limited to women who are not much famous or could not take her own decisions .Life is not easy and everyone knows it but why woman have to understand every situation and end up compromising????

If you ever give it thought  woman who is Doctor,Lawyer ,Judge or any dignified position  will never carry any taboos like bright cloths,bindis and even some don’t wear sindoor..So Does that mean they all are rebel? they cannot manage personal life but the truth is these taboos will never show how well woman mange her family and how happy the family is…

If man doesnot need to show the proof of being married WHY WOMAN???




Life…Roller coaster Ride…

Life is  all about experiencing  new things every minute…Which sounds interesting  when we all day dream…but we all have experienced good and bad times which brings us where we are today.Let’s talk about the time when everything works the way we wish  life sounds to be most beautiful gift anyone can ever wish for..however whenever it flip a slightly everything seems to be tough….Even our  own loved ones start keeping distance and our body which we love the most start giving us trouble…we became so depressed that even small gestures of anyone start hurting us to the core….We forget that  its life and it has all the phase good,bad,bitter,funny and some sour experiences what complete us.

This is the time when we realise the actual worth of ourselves and also understands who all are our real buddies…You wont even believe this so called bad time teaches the best lesson of life…Suddenly we grow from kid to mature person…

So its worth ride experiencing every moment with smile on this ride of life brings great experience without no regrets….